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I have been drawing weird stuff.
Oh gosh my summer break is almost over what am I doing.
What is time.
What is life.

I tried to pixelate drawing with Photoshop.
Kinda cool feature >:V

Original drawing here: LINK

Ladies and gentlemen. Here might be the creepiest weirdest drawing I have ever made.
I got this crazy idea about trying out something new and own(?) I decided to draw a chibi character or whatever with painterly style. A bit semi-realistic and so on.
I don’t know if this will even turn out well but oh well… Gotta try everything.
I think it looks kinda creepy… XD Help.

I’m trying to make a miniature figure of FIMO polymer clay.

Tell me I’m crazy.

I made the base for the head today. Gosh that hair killed me… And I think I failed it anyway. Gotta paint the whole thing etc. later. >:|

Raimei the Raichu. Perfect.

Raimei’s wolf form :3

Yes. I made a new ref since I checked the one I made around year ago and it made me puke.

Rade Jordan doge:DDD

Okay, I finally got my lazy ass up and drew a canine again. Oh god I think this turned out well? ;_; Even though I hate that head asfndskfs. Whatever, I haven’t drawn canines in ages. THIS IS SOME SERIOUS PROGRESS.

Character & Design © Virune / Me

Corgi Rai to the rescue~ *trips over the tie*

I can’t get over this corgi idea ;_; Thank you Tana.
Now I will imagine a corgi rolling after criminals forever.

-when green turns red. by fisukenka

I made another. ok?