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voltage by Fisukenka

Whoops again.

Late Snow by Fisukenka


Experimental thing I’ve been doing at school. I don’t even know how long this took me to finish and stuff but meh. I started it one month ago. I wanted to test this amazing Wacom Cintiq 24HD again and draw a realistic eye~
Also, I tried to use Sirius-sdz ‘s textures. (I think I should have put the opacity more down….) + I couldn’t choose which texture was better ;_;

Anyway, I so wish to get my own Wacom Cintiq one day *__*

So, I finished the model I made on the other day. (though there are still some mistakes I want to fix, like those eyes aarrggg)
I decided to play with the model a bit and finish the details on Photoshop. I pretty much rushed the details so quality isn’t the best but whatever. (he looks like a woman in here lol, I’m so sorry Rai) You just became 10 years younger. Nah, I took the wrong angle for the model, that’s why.

I also found out that the painted version of the model I made last time didn’t save ;__; I had to colour his skin and stuff with Photoshop ew.

Yeah, this is what I do when I should study. Gotta waste my time.


I came across with this “Sculptris”. Pretty simple one and easy to work with :9 I just spent my time testing around stuff. Somehow got inspired to try out giving this bald sample Raimei’s face shapes. (like I have always drawn them?) So creepy… D: Those eyes are too wide. :/

Also, maybe I could try to use my tablet next time. Working with mouse is awful >8C

grumpy butt
bald Rai

I hate it when I have an idea for a drawing but forget it while I’m progressing it. So now this selfie Cade turned into some creepy stalker.
Sorry not sorry

Cade © Virune

Teen Cade and Raimei. Because why not.

They are total dorks.
Help me I can’t draw teens.


Papa Rai knows.

I’m so nolife. Photoshop ples.

Foxy by Fisukenka

Help this game has taken over my life.
And then this little piece of shiat.

Jaron by Fisukenka

Happy birthday Raimei