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I might have just made myself an anthro character :I Gotta give her an armor later. But she doesn’t have a name. Help? ;_;

Yesterday I made a bunch of designs with Virune's base.
You can find them all and this one HERE

wolve-girl whispered: I love how your wiggle chibis are so cute and your realistic art is just,,TOO AWESOME I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO CALL IT °-° And then you seem to have a doodling style which is either cute or cool,I dunno man <.<'


*man tearz* Omfg thank you so much ;;;;______;;;;;

Yeah it’s better to have different styles to make art but still keep them similar to you c: People like different kind of things~ But I’m always so glad when I hear that people like my art I don’t even know what to answer omfg. *rolls on the floor*

wiggle raide by Fisukenka

Based on my wiggle chibi commissions on DeviantART.
I made own of mine and Virune's characters >:V

Miracle might happened?

10 days have passed and the pain is gone?
Maybe I don’t need the surgery *GASP* PARTY TIME.
But gotta stay on some sort of break still, I’m on holiday c:

Omgmogfmdg I’m so glad ;;__;;

Btw it was a bad coccyx pain. Fucking annoying thing I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Couldn’t literally sit, stand or lay on my bed at all for 1 week until I got some medicine. I just had to eat painkillers 24/7 :c And I got it like for no reason? Unless the reason was that earlier I sat 8 hours non stop writing essays pff—?


Those hairy caterpillars are awesome, ok? :DD

Dorks club. Uploading some old sketches.
900x900 is an excellent scale to start drawing btw. And oh god I could soon do another art dump. I draw these two way too often, send help.

Cade © Virune

Ps. Raimi tha caterpillar.


Wanted to try that palette thing again :D And Its KalaKenka’s OC Reimei. What a cutie. :3


Das ist awesome hurrrrrrr thank you so much ; 3 ; ♡

Anonymous whispered: *hugs you* >w<

Omg yessssssssssss
*hugs back*


Extended hiatus?

I’m probably having a surgery in 10 days. Damn my life sucks at the moment. Better just wish a miracle to happen. Otherwise I need to say goodbye for drawing. :c But I rather hope for the best c: I want to get back to drawing again so bad.

Hiatus from DA and Tumblr

*sigh* Time for another hiatus, sorry. No art for a while. x__x