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WIP stuff.

I found this old realistic attempt of Raimei from my Photoshop.
I thought about to continue it because oh gosh it looked awful. And I want to improve with realistic style. (I think there are still some mistakes in this one. I’m trying to fix them but it’s pretty difficult to do something about it for now x__x)

I decided to use SAI instead for a while. The colors seem to blend better with it.

Does it look too creepy still? |”’D

Chibi Routa by Fisukenka

Routa ples.


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People seriously

Sorry. I’m having a rant again how people still think I’m Fisu from LaeppaVika or they otherwise link my name to him or just complain about it. I don’t think this reaches anyone or helps me with the problem but whatever.

LIKE…SERIOUSLY. I wouldn’t mind if people would just STOP sending me messages/friend/steam requests or whatever in every damn place.
Thank you.
Notice that people can have similar names and just like I have been named as Fisu for years before LaeppaVika was made.

Livewire by Fisukenka

Indiana Jaron.

Raimei might have got a new outfit thing hmmmmmmm c:

Sketch dump (raide edition) by Fisukenka

↑ Have a raide masterpost. (And this short comic kekeke that I made of the pics I drew earlier because they seemed to fit together so well)

They are a one damn weird couple. How the heck did they end up together?

Random little unnecessary fact, Raimei can’t have kids because his genes are pretty fucked up. Thanks to his “half wolf” features. Never do science kids.

I have been drawing weird stuff.
Oh gosh my summer break is almost over what am I doing.
What is time.
What is life.

I tried to pixelate drawing with Photoshop.
Kinda cool feature >:V

Original drawing here: LINK

Ladies and gentlemen. Here might be the creepiest weirdest drawing I have ever made.
I got this crazy idea about trying out something new and own(?) I decided to draw a chibi character or whatever with painterly style. A bit semi-realistic and so on.
I don’t know if this will even turn out well but oh well… Gotta try everything.
I think it looks kinda creepy… XD Help.