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Bring it on. by fisukenka

Tiny Raimei is here to kick ur ass.

wolve-girl whispered: Hey Fisu,how are you doing today?I hope great :3

Eyyyyy :3 I’m doing great, thank you for asking! My holiday just started~

So much stuff to do haharharharahrahrah so much drawings to draw harharharahrahrah…..


Anonymous whispered: You are a beautiful human being and I love you. Stay awesome. <3

Oh stop it u Anon~
I ♡ u too. U awesome. Stay awesome. <3


Random sketch + playing with brushes.
—> Raimei lost it.
If you know what I mean trololo.

rinanen whispered: Puli puli pulahteli, kala pieni - Fisu! Fisu verkossa uiskenteli, välilehdis pulahteli ja mielessään tuskasteli: Ei kebua heru!! Mis mun mehut!! Molsk molsk! D:< On nälkä kova, mut muista, kaapis piltti on soma~

Ei kethu paras igin mage oot sä gyl aiga geddu mua kinosti :—-DDDD
Syön lapsia eiku mitä—

Anonymous whispered: Hi

Ey. Sup?

- Alec@All: “I’m topping,” Cade demanded. “No, I am,” Raimei insisted. This went on for the next thirty minutes until they gave up and went to sleep. -

I love drawing expressions.
Cade being random.

Couldn’t spot the shirtless Raimei on April 9.
Instead spot this officer covered with leather.

Hnnnggg I drool over greatcoats again ;_; I had to draw one.
Sorry for stupid bloody background haha, I wanted to try out my new brushes |’D

Can you spot the shirtless Raimei?

Backstory for this: Cade stole Raimei’s shirt.

Cade in suit sketch request thing~

Sorry I can’t draw expressions. Looks like he is drunk or something.
Go home Cade u drunk.

Or not so sorry.

Cade © Virune