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Teen Cade and Raimei. Because why not.

They are total dorks.
Help me I can’t draw teens.


Papa Rai knows.

I’m so nolife. Photoshop ples.

Foxy by Fisukenka

Help this game has taken over my life.
And then this little piece of shiat.

Jaron by Fisukenka

Happy birthday Raimei

Cade is pretty. (◡ ‿   ◡✿)

Testing out some new brushes with Virune’s character again.

*dramatic slide* Snpai~

Someone please take Photoshop away from me.

LuxRai by Fisukenka

Omg, more Raimei and Pokémon mixtures? :’D

WIP stuff.

I found this old realistic attempt of Raimei from my Photoshop.
I thought about to continue it because oh gosh it looked awful. And I want to improve with realistic style. (I think there are still some mistakes in this one. I’m trying to fix them but it’s pretty difficult to do something about it for now x__x)

I decided to use SAI instead for a while. The colors seem to blend better with it.

Does it look too creepy still? |”’D

Chibi Routa by Fisukenka

Routa ples.


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